Dungeon Defenders II

In order to prepare for the initial launch on Steam and PS4, Trendy Entertainment aimed to rethink their user interface designs.
Due to non-disclosure agreements, I have omitted all confidential information from these projects. The views, information, and images in these case studies do not necessarily reflect the views of the clientele.

// My Role

I led the redesign of Dungeon Defenders II's user interface starting in June 2014. Throughout my time with Trendy Entertainment I helped refine the user experience, design new interfaces, and assisted in making adjustments to the game's interactions in order to better facilitate the use of controllers on PC and the PS4.

UX Validation

Before beginning the visual design phase of each user interface flow, I met with the Game Designers, who created the wireframes, to review and refine the user experience prior to giving my approval.

Design Execution

I designed both the overall theme and minute details of most of the menus and 2-D interactions of Dungeon Defenders II, from prior to the Steam Early Access launch in December of 2014 to its Free-To-Play release in October of 2015.


I made certain every design was created in a way which allowed for translations into various languages. Each design was tested for potential expansions and contractions of individual elements to ensure the design integrity.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Photoshop Mockups

Dungeon Defenders 2 Influence Week

Influence Week

In 2015 I met up with the Trendy Entertainment team in-house in Gainesville, Florida to work on various passion projects for Dungeon Defenders II. These projects ranged from UI updates and changes to brand new features such as mini-games and Player vs. Player (PVP) matches. We created a list of final projects by brainstorming ideas and voting on them until we were left with a handful of projects that both our team and our fans wanted to see us accomplish. A list of completed projects are available at: dungeondefenders.com

From PC to PS4

Together with Human Head Studios, we helped translate Dungeon Defenders II to the PS4. This meant taking a deeper look into much of the UI, rethinking the interactions from the ability to point-and-click anywhere on the screen to one where the controller has some element constantly on-focus. The HUD and the menus were reassessed and redesigned piece by piece to ensure the game made a strong launch on the PS4.

// Latest Work

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Working with Liberty Mutual's Innovation Department, I assisted in the ideation, testing, and development of various business opportunities. The projects I was assigned will continue to be announced throughout the coming years, so not all work will be available to showcase immediately.
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Merrill Lynch

Working with The Big Studio, a Boston based Creative Agency, we tackled rethinking Merrill Lynch's Financial Advisor applications for their tablet devices. This redesign went on to increase the revenue generated by this suite of products by 200%.
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